AIMP Labs draws inspiration from the curiosity driven free thinking that a typical academic environment provides. Yet, it also recognizes the industry's paramount role in realizing the lab-to-marketplace transitions. Envisaged and founded as a private research organization, AIMP Labs aspires to work at the intersection of academia and industry, while addressing the common limitations and thereby bridging the gap between these two enterprises.
Our mission is to operate as a valuable nexus between the bright minds of academia, promising technology entrepreneurs, and the escalating needs of industry.

Based in Kolkata, India, we have created an innovative network that advances the role of AI and computer vision as it relates to high-impact research, technology development and applied knowledge.

Currently working in the areas of Computation Health & Life Sciences, Urban/City Planning, and Crowd Motion Understanding, AIMP Labs is continually exploring opportunities to generate and implement data-driven analysis as a key step in discovering solutions for society’s most difficult problems.

Working both locally and abroad, we actively engage engineering students and local technology startups to participate in this exciting undertaking.
We envision that we will create lab-to-industry channels that lead to cutting-edge technology solutions of the future; that we will successfully encourage and inspire future researchers through our academia outreach; that local startups will be given the opportunity to participate in innovative projects; and that our efforts will lead to a society that has the best technology-driven insights at hand to make the most informed decisions.
  • Innovation — We engage in responsible AI perception research and innovation to generate solutions benefitting society.
  • Collaboration — We develop key relationships and work collaboratively with universities and startups to ensure that technology innovation is allowed to flourish at a local level.
  • Mentorship — – We engage and mentor promising Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree engineering students in complex international research projects, increasing their exposure as competent researchers and leading to scientific publication of their results. Our hope is to inspire students to consider high-tech/research as a career goal.
  • Support — In addition to university student engagement, we also support startups needing world-class technology research that is priced within their financial means.
  • Integrity — The work that we do is based on the four pillars of trust, transparency, respect, and fairness.
  • Accountability — We hold ourselves accountable to our university partners, to our student researchers, to start-up technology companies, to market needs and to ourselves as visionary entrepreneurs.