Autonoumous Imaging For Machine Perception


Calcutta, India

  • Oct 2020AIMP Labs goes online! Though founded a while ago we did not have a formal web presence, but now we do.
  • Jan 2020 We are proud to announce our collaboration with Hirak Lab, University College London, to work together on computer vision for tumour pathology. Details in the Research page.
  • June 2019 Aditya Shankar Pal successfully defends his masters thesis. Congratulations, Aditya! Details in the Research page.

Visual AI Research & Technologies


Emerging Markets | Future Industries

AIMP technologies aim at developing high-risk, high-reward imaging solutions. The problem statements we choose to engage in are often the pressing needs of future industries and a fast-growing emerging market.


Data-Driven Research & Development

AIMP Labs fosters a culture of data-driven innovation at all levels of its operations. Founded as an AI research organization, AIMP offers technologies that are finest, bleeding-edge computer vision solutions.


Deployment: Cloud | Mobile | Embedded Edge System

AIMP Labs takes a hands-on approach towards seamless integration. The computer vision technologies are deployed across a wide range of platforms, from cloud to mobile, from native to APIs.


Iterate, Iterate, Iterate …

We live in an uncertain world. Our approach to science follows the DevOps principle of Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Development (CD) all through our technology life cycle.

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