Computational Health & Life Sciences

Computational Microscopy

Profiling Drug Resistance of Head & Neck Tumour Spheroids

Most of the cancer related death is associated with drug resistance (>90%). The grand vision of this project is to develop a cloud-based software platform for providing image analytics as service, on tumour spheroid images, for profiling drug resistance. Read more ...

Urban/City Planning

Multiple Object Tracking

Crowd Motion Understanding

This masters thesis dissertation of Aditya Shankar Pal deals with the detection and tracking of multiple objects (e.g., pedestrians), using a track-by-detection approach. The detector feeds to a data association system, which associates detections frame-by-frame based on appearance and location based features. We model the problem of finding optimal trajectories as a min cost flow problem. Mutual object occlusion is explicitly added in the constraint set along with other flow related constraints. We then derive a Langrangian relaxation of the problem, which is a much more generalised but efficient form of the relaxation formulation available in the literature. Read more ...